Dream Helper Circles

What are Dream Helper Circles?

Cover art for Dream Helper Circle article in Inspiration magazine
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Dream Helper Circles allow people to help one another through dreams. Each consists of a small group (members), and all agree to engage in a circle, committing to dream for the designated focus person. The ensuing discussion and interpretation of dreams allows that person to gain clarity and understanding.

Dream Helper Circles provide an opportunity for the group to focus on one person to help them gain insight and find solutions to problems, concerns, and issues: “It involves cooperation in a small group, with an Ideal of being ‘of service,’ through an empathic connection and a comparative approach that evokes our natural ability to perceive ‘truths’ in dreams.”


How it Works:

In the Dream Helper Circle, a group of people, mostly strangers meeting for the first time, agrees to dream for one group member who is experiencing a challenge. The twist is that the challenge remains undisclosed. Each person in the group agrees to remember a dream, which they will write down and share. In the Dream Helper Circle, we find that, while each dream is very different, the group finds commonalities in the dreams that point toward a strategy for dealing with the target challenge.

Countless groups have replicated this experiment. Some have done it many times. Most recently, we have engaged volunteers to determine if the same salubrious effects and phenomena observed in these face-to-face groups could be replicated online among anonymous strangers. The answer–Yes, indeed! The Dream Circle succeeds in the very same way online.

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