Sundance LogoBenefits of the Dream Helper Circle

Dream Helper Circles provide many benefits, not the least of which is that it enables people who have no experience in dream work to nevertheless reap some of the benefits dreams provide. No professional dream work experience is required.


Benefits to Dream Life

  • Increases dream recall
  • Evokes our innate, natural abilities in dream interpretation
  • Demonstrates relationship between the subjective and objective dimension of dreams
  • Increases confidence in value of dreams

Personal Benefits

  • Increases confidence in personal intuition
  • Facilitates introspection and ability to re-frame personal issues to encourage growth
  • Promotes ability to reach and navigate milestones and crossroads in their lives
  • Provides new insights on life challenges

Social and Interpersonal  Benefits

  • Provides an opportunity for cooperation
  • Creates empathy among diverse people
  • Offers opportunities and training in collaborative insight
  • Provides collaborative experience in using altered states of consciousness
  • Reveals our commonalities
For a comprehensive study of the beneifts of participating in a Dream Helper Circle, see the study by Larry Walsch