About the Team

The Vision Person:

Henry Reed, often considered the father of modern Dream Work, has been involved in the field of Dreams since the early 70’s. His research and teaching have spanned the full range of dream work from insights, understanding to guidance which has evolve into what he calls the Intuitive Heart process. He has been part of the Atlantic University faculty and has led many research projects and published extensively in professional journals and is the author of many books and educational material in his field.


Patrick Walsh has a PhD in education and has been an advocate for transpersonal education for more than 30 years. He also has experience in the publishing field, the financial services industry and most recently built a successful Real Estate business, from which he is semi-retired. He has been involved in a number of investment syndications in the publishing and Real Estate fields. He has been a student of the Cayce material for more than 40 years. His journey began as a teenager at ARE camp in the early sixties.


Philip Bernick, PhD, is a thinker whose work connects three worlds: research, scholarship and technology. Philip brings over 25 years experience in applied collaborative problem solving, teaching and learning.

His work as a technologist includes application design and development, software and hardware integration, natural language processing tools, Content and Customer Management Systems, Student Information and Learning Management Systems, informatics and analytics.

Philip also has over two decades teaching experience as a member of the faculties of Arizona State University, Eastern Idaho Technical College, Maricopa Community College, and New Mexico State University.